10 Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care Even When Nothing Hurts

If you’re feeling fine now and wondering whether or not you should keep that next chiropractic appointment, you may want to consider what chiropractic can do even when you don’t have an acute issue. Here are 10 ways chiropractic can help when nothing hurts.

1. Maintenance care to keep you feeling good

You may be skeptical about maintenance chiropractic care. You go to the chiropractor when something hurts, right?

It’s true that chiropractic is great when you have a problem, but maintenance care is important, too. One study found that people who had low back injuries, received chiropractic care, and then continued with maintenance care had fewer repeat injuries than people who received physical therapy or standard medical care.

2. Problem prevention

Chiropractors can often detect problems before you can feel them. That means they can treat these issues before they become full-blown problems. Regular chiropractic care is preventive care.

3. Fewer headaches

If you have a headache disorder, keeping your spinal column properly aligned may reduce the number of headaches you have over time. Don’t wait until you’re in pain; seek out chiropractic care when you feel fine to help lessen or even avoid pain.

4. Less tension

There’s some evidence that chiropractic manipulations help release muscle tension and improve blood flow. Letting go of tension can mean letting go of potential pain.

5. Better digestion

You may not immediately think of your chiropractor when you think about digestive problems, but the nerves in the middle section of your back — the thoracic region — are linked to digestion. Regular chiropractic care can keep those nerves functioning properly and promote good digestion.

6. Improved mobility

When your musculoskeletal system is functioning properly, you can move more freely. Good alignment promotes smooth function of your joints, an aligned spine moves efficiently, and the result is that you can comfortably do the things you need and want to do.

7. Decreased joint pain

If you have arthritis, you understand how having painful, swollen joints can limit your life. Regular chiropractic care can help relieve tenderness and inflammation in your joints.

8. Stress relief

Stress has been linked to a host of serious health issues, ranging from a lowered immune response to chronic conditions such as diabetes. Chiropractic care helps relieve stress in several ways, such as reducing muscle tension.

In addition, your chiropractor can provide advice regarding nutrition and stress management in your life. One of the most critical aspects of maintenance care is that you have access to a trusted health care professional on a regular basis.

9. Quality sleep

About a third of patients report improved sleep immediately after a chiropractic adjustment. The association between better sleep and chiropractic care could be because you’re in less pain after the adjustment, or it could be reduced muscle tension or improved blood flow. Regardless of the reason, better sleep means better overall health.

10. Better body function

Chiropractors specialize in the link between structure and function. When the structural foundation of your body — your skeleton, muscles, and the soft tissues that support them — are properly cared for and aligned, your whole body functions more efficiently.

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of regular chiropractic care, whether you’re in pain or not, book your appointment online or by phone at Optimum Physicians Healthcare today.

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