Complimentary Consultations for your Neuropathy

Complimentary Consultations for Your Neuropathy

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Before treatment, I had constant pain and numbness in my feet. My doctor told me it was diabetic neuropathy. It was distracting and uncomfortable, which kept me from doing my best at work and enjoying a full life. Now, I can concentrate at work and I finally feel like being active again.”

Discover the root cause of your nerve damage — not just mask the symptoms.

Get freedom from constant pain, tingling, numbness, or discomfort.

Feel fully alive again, without the mental “fog” from powerful medications.

Our neuropathy relief program can get you off the sidelines and back to doing the things you love most. Instead of settling for a life of discomfort, we’ll help you feel better without endless medications or unnecessary surgery.

Signs You May Have Neuropathy


Numbness (especially in the hands and feet)

Loss of coordination and reflexes

Hot, itchy, or burning sensations in hands or feet

Pain or pressure (especially at night)

Changes in sensation to temperature or touch

Muscle weakness

Difficulty walking or moving legs


Loss of dexterity or muscle control


Take Action Before it Gets Worse

We can help stop or even reverse symptoms before they become even more bothersome

Causes of Neuropathy?

While there can be many causes for neuropathy, our program works best for those dealing with diabetic (or peripheral) neuropathy as well as chemo therapy-induced neuropathy.

Neuropathy usually impacts the feet and hands. Unfortunately, neuropathy often keeps sufferers from participating in hobbies, sports, family events, and other favorite activities.
What’s worse, for many, the condition is so severe or distracting that it causes their work or overall health to decline, which leads to negative effects in major areas of their lives. These are not minor issues that will resolve on their own. In some cases, neuropathy can even get worse over time, causing severe pain and further nerve damage.

The good news is that these issues do not have to be permanent. Our skilled healthcare team can get to the bottom of your nerve damage and put you on the path to real recovery — not simply mask the pain with medication. We do this by performing a complete, in-depth physical analysis to pinpoint the underlying cause of your symptoms. With an accurate diagnosis, we’ll recommend a specific therapy option or other procedure.


After treatment, many of our patients experience:

Improved function of feet and hands.

Immediate and long term relief of tingling, numbness, and other symptoms.

Reduction in pain medications and no need for surgery.

A return to an active lifestyle.

Ability to sleep through the night without discomfort.

Improved mood and more vitality for life.

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