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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is healthcare for the 21st century. Instead of treating individual diseases, this holistic approach looks to heal the underlying dysfunctions present in the body that contribute to each condition. We believe you can’t diagnose or treat someone by assuming they are the same as everyone else. With the most advanced diagnostic testing we are able re-balance the body with targeted food and herbal support. Each protocol is tailored to each individual patient.

Are you a good Candidate for Functional Medicine?

Integrated Practice

A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Chronic Illness

50% of Adults have at least one chronic health condition
One Chronic Health Condition 50%
25% of Adults have 2 or more chronic health conditions
Two or More Chronic Health Conditons 25%
Chronic diseases account for 86% of all healthcare costs
Chronic Disease Healthcare Costs 85%

The scope and cost of chronic disease continue to rise. Functional medicine has proven to reverse this trend by providing better outcomes and cost savings for both patients and the healthcare system in the long term.

This holistic approach integrates what we know about how the human body works. We do this through individualized, patient-centered, science based care that addresses the causes of complex, chronic disease. These conditions could be rooted in your lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, and genetic influences.

In short, Functional Medicine looks to understand the root cause of diseases and conditions. From there, we help treat the cause in order to remove the symptoms as opposed to alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying problem.


Leaky Gut


Food Sensitivity

Acid Reflux



Biodentical Hormones


Weight Management


Low Libido






Sleep Issues


Autoimmune Disorders


Mold Toxicity

Genetic Testing

Allergy/Food Testing


Blood Sugar

High Cholesterol


Fatty Liver

What methods are used for treatment?

Based off your initial visits concerns and main health goal, the practitioners will decide if any diagnostic tests are necessary. In-clinic lab tests and diagnostic procedures are tests used to check if a person’s health is normal. For example, Optimum Healthcare can test a sample of your blood, urine or other bodily sample to see help uncover an underlying root cause to your symptoms. Based off this evidence, your practitioner(s) will discuss a course of action customized to you to start you on your health journey.Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Nutrition is vital to the practice of Functional  Medicine. So much so, that the development of a set of unique testing for applying dietary recommendations.
Nutrition Response Testing other wise known as “muscle testing” is a non-invasive system that analyzes the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health.
This form of testing analyzes different areas on the body’s surface that relate to the state of health and the flow of energy in every organ and function of the body. This information is derived from the part of the nervous system whose job it is to regulate the organs’ functions. 
Each area that gives a response represents a specific organ, tissue, or function and indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. By testing these organs/ areas, we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit that has proven to be extremely accurate clinically, which helps us identify exactly what the body needs and how well we meet that need. 
We can’t always get the nutrients we need from food alone, and that’s when supplements can help
The goal of dietary supplements is often the same: to supplement your diet to get enough nutrients and enhance health. This can take form in a capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid form,
Another great benefit of supplements is to speed up the healing process while offering symptom relief.
Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical
 compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils.
Essential oils give a plant its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, and even assist it with pollination, among other important functions and benefits.
Historically, essential oils were used as part of cultural practices and traditions. However, we now have increasing scientific evidence and research showing that essential oils can be effectively and safely used in a wider range of day-to-day practices and routines for amazing benefits. Today, essential oils can be used for cooking, household cleaning, personal hygiene, and much, much more.
When you use essential oils, you’ll have more natural solutions and fewer toxic, synthetically manufactured products in your life and home.
Learn More about Essential Oils Here
Emotion Coding is a quick and effective technique of finding and releasing trapped emotions from the energy field. These trapped emotions, if left unattended, can and often cause disease in the body as well as the mind. Imbalances such as digestive issues, chronic headaches or chronic pain, anxiety, and many more issues can be eliminated by getting to the root cause. 
There is a strong connection between overall health and emotional health.  It is possible to clear out the emotions that are holding you back from your best life.Emotional Code

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Holistic Approach
It is so refreshing to see a clinician who actively listens. Functional medicine helps when traditional pcps dismiss you. As a registered nurse, I can see the benefits of the work done here as an excellent tool in keeping one well. In my experience, Dr. Tracy invests & advocates & takes care to work with me to make a personalized plan. Her own experiences reveals her authenticity when she tells you she is listening and wants to get you well. You can feel it when you see her.. that she genuinely cares. This is something that is missing in the medical community, especially for women with undiagnosed thyroid/autoimmune issues. She is thorough, and gives detailed personalized explanations.
Regan H.
Everyone is kind and professional. Dr. Tracy goes above and beyond to get to the root of your issues and not just bandaiding symptoms.
Julie B.

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