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Whether you need to lose fat, gain muscle, or optimize your health or athletic performance, proper nutrition helps you do it. At Optimum Physicians Healthcare in Houston, TX and Pearland, Texas, the experienced and caring medical professionals help you reach your goals with a variety of evidence-based clinical nutrition programs. Whether you’re an athlete seeking more energy, or just need to lose weight or improve your health, call the Optimum Physicians Healthcare team or book online for a free consultation.

Clinical Nutrition

What is clinical nutrition?

Clinical nutrition is a branch of medicine that considers how nutrition affects disease versus wellness.

The team of medical professionals at Optimum Physicians Healthcare believes that sound nutrition forms the basis of a sound body. Your Optimum Physicians Healthcare provider first identifies underlying issues that may prevent you from absorbing nutrients and resolves food sensitivities that could be triggering inflammation.

Your provider can also design a weight loss, maintenance, or gain program that helps you reach your fitness goals. As athletes themselves, the pros at Optimum Physicians Healthcare understand the importance of having a knowledgeable and understanding coach on your side.

What programs can help me reach my nutrition goals?

Depending on your symptoms and needs, your Optimum Physicians Healthcare expert may recommend:

  • The Detox and Lean Body Program
  • The HCG diet   
  • Supplements

What is the Detox and Lean Body Program?

The Detox and Lean Body Program is a safe and effective way to tune up your metabolism, maintain muscle mass, and burn fat while controlling cravings. The program helps you balance your blood sugar with properly designed protein shakes, custom menus, and supplements. You also receive weekly body fat composition analyses and bi-weekly coaching.

The program has three phases:

  • Phase I: Detox (14 days)  
  • Phase II: Lean Body (14 days)
  • Phase III: Coaching and Wellness Management (5 days)

Repeat Phases I and II until you achieve your goals. Just a few of the benefits include a faster metabolism, less fatigue, and joint pain relief.

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet uses natural, amino acid-rich human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormones and a low-carb diet to burn off excess fat and shrink fat cells without muscle wasting. Often referred to as the “pounds and inches” diet, the HCG diet changes the contours of your body as you shed inches.

The HCG diet contains four phases:

  • Phase I: Take HCG and eat healthy fats and a high-calorie diet (2 days)
  • Phase II: Take HCG and follow low-carb, 500-calorie diet (21 days)
  • Phase III: Stop HCG, increase calories with proteins and fats (3 days)
  • Phase IV: Maintenance; low-carb diet, no HCG (21 days)

Repeat until you achieve your goals. Benefits include increased metabolism, improved skin quality, and increased libido.

To find out what kind of changes you can make to achieve your physical goals, call the Optimum Physicians Healthcare team or book a clinical nutrition and wellness consultation online.