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Whether you’re an elite athlete or want to help your local team win the championship, the expert team of doctors at Optimum Physicians Healthcare provides sports performance services to help you perform at your highest level. Men, women, and children in Houston, TX and Pearland, Texas, rely on the doctors at Optimum Physicians Healthcare to improve their overall performance. To boost your competitive edge, call the office or book your appointment online.

Sports Performance

What is sports performance care?

Sports performance care is a division of care that focuses on enhancing an athlete’s performance, flexibility, and endurance while preventing injury.

The doctors at Optimum Family Physicians tailor treatments, customize nutritional recommendations and use specialized equipment and techniques to treat amateur, professional, and child athletes, as well as non-athletes who participate in routine exercise programs.

What techniques are used in performance care?

The team of highly trained providers at Optimum Physicians Healthcare understands that incremental changes in your muscle movements can significantly influence the time and energy your body requires for you to participate in your sport.

The doctors at Optimum Physicians Healthcare use a combination of techniques like focused exercises, tissue manipulation, and biomechanics to improve your performance in your chosen sport.

Performance care techniques available to you include:

Active release

ART®, or Active Release Technique, is a precise, hands-on, and doctor-supervised manipulation of soft tissues, such as tendons, fascia, nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

Graston technique

In the Graston Technique®, your doctor at Optimum Physicians Healthcare uses an instrument to assist in the mobilization of your soft tissues. The therapy helps treat scar tissue that restricts your normal function and limits your range of motion.


Prevention is a preventive procedure to screen for limitations in typical movement patterns. By identifying the limitations. The doctors at Optimum Physicians Healthcare can head off any musculoskeletal problems before they occur.

How do athletes benefit from chiropractic performance care?

Professional athletes have long used performance care and physical therapy to treat and prevent injuries and boost athletic performance. Amateur and everyday sports participants and athletes also benefit from chiropractic performance care because of it:

  • Helps counteract the toll sports takes on your body
  • Uses non-invasive techniques and therapies
  • Helps prevent sports injuries
  • Is a nonsurgical alternative to sports injury treatment

Whether your goals include Little League or the Olympics, the expert medical team at Optimum Physicians Healthcare have years of experience serving all ages and levels of athletes. To optimize your endurance and performance, call the office for an appointment or use the online scheduling tool.